Futura Apsol Pvt Ltd
Pune, Maharashtra, India

Cable / Wiring Harness Tester (Continuity Checker)

Our testers are fast, accurate and easy to use. We designed our testers with flexibility and adaptability in mind to meet a wide range of wire harness testing needs.

    Industries We Serve
    White Goods
    Railway Vehicles
    Construction Machinery
    Consumer Products
    Electronic Industrial Equipment
    Robotics and Automation
    harness testing
    Test for Continuity / Diodes

    Check for Correct Wiring and Continuity / Diodes in any connection of Wiring Harness

    Correct wiring of Panel

    Check for Correct Assembly in Panel before mounting components or PLC

    Multi pole switch operation continuity testing (HTPC Only)

    Check for Switch Operation with Continuity

    Fuse assembly continuity checking

    Check for Correct Fuse Assembly Continuity

    Relay assembly continuity checking

    Check for Correct Relay assembly in wiring harness

    Intermittent Testing

    Check for Intermittent Errors in Wiring Harness


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