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Futura develops own PC based software to connect different equipment or gadgets to PC. Main function of software to program a particular cable / wiring harness for assembly / navigation or testing purpose. Programming is user friendly and also generates connections in form of report for easy wiring of board / rig / jig.

These are to be installed on a windows based PC system with minimum windows 7 version.

Softwares are upgraded for enhanced functionality and any bug fixing.

Feel free to contact directly or raise a ticket for a bug or any other improved feature.

Some softwares like HAAP Editor need a key to install. Key will be supplied after machine number generated by software is informed us.

HAAP (Harness Assembly Aid with Pull)

1 : Updates for PC Based ‘HAAP’ software HAAP Editor : Download

FACT (Futura’s Advanced Continuity Tester)

2 : PC Based Software for FACT 512 (FACT 256), FACT Editor : Download

3 : PC Based Software for FACT1024 (FACT 128), FACT128 : Download


4 : PC Based Software for PHTM / PHTML, FTE Editor : Download


5 : HTPC Softwares (View, Editor): Download

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