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We manufacture Automatic Test Equipment with specialization in Cable Harness Testers. Popular products like Harness Testers and Harness Assembly Aid are widespread in the industry.

Innovation. Accuracy. Reliability.

With over 25 years of cable industry experience, we are equipped with a highly innovative and capable team to resolve and problem pertaining to a wide variety of industries.

Global Presence

We have made over 7500 successfull installations all over the world.

harness tester

Newly Launched

HTPC (PC Based Harness Tester)

128 - 2048 Points

• Data Entry / Programming

• Output

• Testing

• Barcode Printing

• Data Logging

• Digital I/O

• System Checking

• Calibration

• Diagnostic



We believe in customer first approach and strive to resolve issues raised by customers timely and at appropriate price. Our customer support is widely appreciated by our customers.

Our association with Futura started in the Year 2016 with first cable harness testing setup developed for Indian Railways Traction Converter project. The Futura make harness tester has significantly helped in improving our TPT ( Through Put time ) and RFT ( Right First time ) count and since then there has been no looking back. Today, we are using Futura harness tester for all Local and Export Projects including one tester successfully commissioned in our Bombardier , Johannesburg Site.
- Bombardier
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