Dashboard / Cockpit / Dash Panel Testing Equipment

It is an automatic test equipment for dashboard/instrument cluster. Futura makes a generic automatic test equipment for testing electrical parameters. Dashboard tester is generic tester to test vehicle dashboard or instrument cluster.


    A Dashboard or instrument cluster has tachometer i.e. rpm, speedometer (either digital or analog), Odometer, tripmeter, indicators (such as high beam, left hand turn, right hand turn, temperatures, pressures etc.), fuel gauge etc. For testing, various signals are to be applied to the unit and to check for correct display and indication i.e. correct output.

      Futura’s dashboard tester DTE is a semiautomatic test equipment. It has facility to generate and apply input signals. Output is checked in two ways, viz. tester checks current consumed by power supply for each step and appearance of display to be checked manually and confirmed. All the faults / errors resulting in current out of limits are found automatically by tester. Other faults need manual i.e. operators decision.


        Dashboard Under Test has Variable supply from 9V to 16V DC, two PWM outputs, two Resistance outputs and Thirty digital outputs for indicators i.e. tell tales. The unit is compact and portable, weighing about 4 Kgs. It is useful to test a dasboard at any location. A cable as per dashboard is connected from DIS to dashboard. A multimeter with facility to measure frequency and duty cycle, along with DC voltage and resistance is provided with the unit. It facilitates precise adjustment and thus input signals to dashboard. To calibrate DIS, only multimeter is to be be calibrated.

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          • It is a standard equipment, can be adapted to varity of requirements.
          • All necessary signals reuired to check dashboard functionality.
          • Outputs are relay outputs, digital outputs and frequencies.
          • Works on 230V AC.
          • Test are carried out in steps.
          • Steps are programmable by user through a PC’s serial port.
          • Steps include delay for each step and current limits.
          • Table top model.
          • Checks any dashboard.
          • Useful as an End Of Line tester.
          • Easy to operate.
          • Minimum manual decision.
          • On passing, ‘pokayoke’ of label print or marking.
          • Optional Fail bin sensor input.
          • Instant confirmation of dashboard functionality
          • Increases customer confidence.
          • One equipment for any dashboard.
          • Useful for Dashboard Manufacturers, Vehicle manufacturers, R&D

          All products are designed and manufactured in India.



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