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NAVPC : PC Based Harness Assembly Aid / Common Point Guide / Navigation

NAVPC is a PC Based, feature-rich wire Harness Assembly Aid / Common Point Guide / Navigation System


    • Stand-alone system
    • De-skill Harness Assembly Process
    • User role based access
    • Built for rough industrial environments
    • Checks for correct continuity, insertion location, and terminal backout TBO
    • Several Modes for different operations

    The complete system is :

    • Test blocks / fixtures with I/O points (for continuity), LED indication (I/O LEDs) under each cavity to indicate where to insert. Test block also has a switch which operates on pulling a locked cable.
    • Treys with LEDs on each trey to indicate from where to pick up a cable.
    • HAAP1208 slave unit connected to trey LEDs, I/O LEDs, I/O Points and switch indicating pull.


    • Wiring
    • Program Creation
    product image

    Label print format is given here







    • Program Creation
    • Program Details
    • Program Settings
    Test Point Capacity128 and above
    Expandable in step of128
    Componentsnot applicable
    Diode testingnot applicable
    Test VoltageTest voltage: 5 V DC.
    Test CurrentTest current: In mill Amperes.
    Test Speed1 seconds per stage
    Audible TonesPiezo Buzzer on pass, fail with tone and volume control
    Number of Harness Programs128
    Serial PortsPC: Standard 1 RS232 serial port.
    Printer Port 9 pin D for serial port printer
    Test Point InterfaceOutput of I/O consist of 34 pin FRC connector which can be interfaced with pcb then can be connected with 2 pin relimate.
    Input PowerSupply Voltage: 12 V DC, 2A. (Input 230V AC +-10%) Power consumption: Mili-Watts. Short circuit protected.
    Size (W x D x H) Master: 165 X 80 X 60 mm , Slave: 140 X 80 X 35mm
    WeightApproximately 5 Kgs.
    Operating ParametersWorking temperature: 0 - 50 C.
    WarrantyConditional for a period of 12 months only for new equipment/products
    User AuthenticationUSB Pendrive (Soft Key)
    Display Faultsopen
    No. of Stages Testing1 stage
    Relay out PutPotential free Relay outputs 2 numbers, up to 230V AC, 5A load. 1 is configured as pass relay and relay 2 is configured as fail relay.
    Barcode ScanningYes
    ApplicationGuides in making harness assembly, checks correct locking of terminal, by pulling inserted terminal and also checks continuity.
    Program Creation

    • Program Creation from NAVPC
    • Program Creation from HAAP Editor
    • Import from other Futura HAAP / NAVPC programs
    Program Details

    • Program identification (Name, Customer Name, Station name, etc.)
    • Fixtures
    • Cavity Location on Coupler
    • Connections (Wire Name, Wire Colours, Cavity details, IO Point)
    • Label Program Import from previous files (Real time variables)
    • Resource Barcodes
    • Authority Management
    • Multiple Coupler Insertion Detection
    Assembly Display

    • Indication for correct selection of wire
    • Indication for correct insertion location/cavity.
    • Terminal backout checking with appropriate fixture
    • Checking continuity of circuit (Open, short, interchange)
    Details shown

    • Fault Type
    • IO Point
    • Fixture Number (With Cavity)
    • Wire Name
    • Wire Colour
    Assembly Pass

    • Visual output on Monitor
    • Label printing(with real time user defined data)
    • Audio output
    • Relay output/s
    • Pass counter
    Assembly Fail

    • Audio output, Visual output (Fault Type, IO Point, Fixture Number (With Cavity), Wire Name, Wire Colour)
    Self Diagnosis

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