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Pen marking unit is an Accessory to our other products. It marks a dot on a component or a label to further confirm that the component / harness is tested. A standard marker is used for the purpose.

    • Horizontal, works on 230V AC.
    • Horizontal stroke is @20mm, with medium force.
    • Application: Marking on coupler.
    • Connected to any relay output of tester.
    • It marks dot on the coupler Operation.
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    Pen Marking Unit





    Pen Marking Unit
    Test CurrentTest current: In mill Amperes.
    Test Speed1 seconds
    O/P for interfacing2 Open wires to connect with any relay O/P
    Input PowerSupply Voltage: 230 V AC, 50 Hz. +-10%. Power consumption: Maximum 5 Watts. Fuse: 750 mA, normal
    Size (W x D x H) 
    WeightApproximately 1 Kg.
    WarrantySince this is an accessories no warrenty on this
    Marking byParmanent Pen Marker
    O/P after markingDot of parmanent ink
    Stroke specificationHorizontal Stroke is @20mm, with medium force
    Operating directionHorizontal
    Where to connectBetween P & NO points of relay output of any futura tester
    ApplicationMarking on coupler after receiving trigger
    Any other detailsno

    While contacting our team for placing an order or for enquiry, let us know about:

    • 1. Tester Model
    • 2. Number of points.
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