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    Design and manufacturing of custom electronic products for industry and agriculture as per the requirement.

    Newly Launched: Intermittent Tester INT CT-121

    We have recently launched a new product called Intermittent Tester.

    INT CT-121

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Cable / Wiring / wire Harness Testers / Test Equipment / Test Systems

Different models to suit different types of harnesses and test processes.

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Harness Assembly Aid

Process improvement tool, deskills assembly and reduces errors, saving rework

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Label Data Storage for Printing (LDSP)

Print labels without a PC on a trigger

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Electronic Scarecrow (EBU)

Specially developed for farmers, a Scarecrow to protect crop from animals and birds

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Gauge Link

Connect micrometer, vernier, height gauge directly to PC for error free instant data collection

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Air Leakage Tester

Vacuum / Pressure test water proof couplers.

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Dashboard Testing Equipment

Vehicle Dashboard / Instrument Cluster Tester

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Accessories like Pen Marking Unit, OK Stamping Unit, USB Scanner to Serial Convertor.

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  • Ankur Somany

    Our association with Futura started in the Year 2016 with first cable harness testing setup developed for Indian Railways Traction Converter project. The Futura made harness tester has significantly helped in improving our TPT ( Through Put time ) and RFT ( Right First time ) count that since than there has been no looking back. Today, we are using Futura harness testers for all Local and Export Projects including one tester successfully commissioned in our Bombardier , Johannesburg Site.

    Ankur Somany
    Head- Testing, Bombardier, India
  • Rohan Munot

    We have been associated with Futura for more than 20 years. The solutions provided by Futura are 100% reliable. Their continuous focus on Innovation and adapting to the ever increasing demand of the customers gives them an egde over their competition.

    Rohan Munot
    Director, Harnex Systems Pvt. Ltd.