USB Scanner to serial convertor


As serial scanners are becoming obsolete and costlier, this converter is connects USB scanners to serial thus saving costs. It can be used with all Futura equipments, where serial port scanner is to be connected. It can be used with other make serial ports also like PLCs.

Futura’s USSC_9600 i.e USB scanner to serial converter is specially designed to convert barcode scanned by USB barcode scanner in to serial i.e. RS232 format. This device finds immense importance where old existing machines, PLCs, or any control unit which is not capable of connecting USB barcode scanner. We can connect this unit where, there is requirement of connecting barcode scanner having standard RS232 interface.
RS232 out i.e. serial output on DB9 with following setting.   Baud Rate  9600,   Start bit-1,   Data bits-8,   Stop bits-1,  Parity-No,   Handshaking-No.



• Convert barcode scanned by USB barcode scanner in to serial i.e. RS232 format. Any USB Barcode scanner (USB2.0) can be connected.
• No separate power supply require to barcode scanner.


• State of the art, reliable technology.
• Easy and quick installation.


• Any embedded device having RS232 port can be connected to USB scanner.
• Easy to update old controllers.

  • USB Scanner to Serial Convertor
USB Scanner to Serial Convertor (USSC-9600)

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