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Digitized Displays as Operator Guide

Boost Operator Efficiency and Accessibility with Streamlined Digital Instructions, Paperwork Reduction, and Multiple Format Support.

Digital Operator Instructions:

- Existing practice of physical instruction manual replacement eliminated.
- Platform offers Digital Instructions for Operators.
- Manuals displayed directly on screens at stations.

Paperwork Reduction:

- Manual instruction manual replacement requires paper usage.
- Transition to digital instructions reduces paper consumption.

Minimized Manual Work:

- Authorized personnel no longer need to physically replace manuals.
- Digital platform automates the delivery of instructions.

Digital Manufacturing Notes:

- Operators receive digital notes during manufacturing processes.
- Enables real-time guidance and updates during tasks.

Multiple Formats Supported:

- Instructions available in various formats: PDF, Audio, Video, Excel, etc.
- Enables operators to access instructions in their preferred formats.


This feature eliminates the need for physical instruction manual replacement, offering digital instructions directly displayed on screens at stations for operators to access.

Paperwork Reduction

By transitioning to digital instructions, paper consumption is reduced significantly, as the manual replacement process and paper usage are minimized.

Minimized Manual Work

The digital platform automates instruction delivery, eliminating the requirement for authorized personnel to physically replace manuals, thus streamlining operational processes

Digital Manufacturing

During manufacturing processes, operators receive real-time digital notes that provide immediate guidance and updates, enhancing task efficiency and accuracy


After appropriate configuration, you do not need to install anything. The dashboard can be accessed from any browser on any mobile or PC.

We do not store any data related to harness, so there is no harness related critical data which is saved

If the deployment is done on cloud, then internet is required
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