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Manufacturing Assembly Tracker

Enhance Production Tracking with Advanced Data Management and Analysis.

Advanced Data Entry:

- Streamlined data input through tablet-based interface.
- Eliminate manual record-keeping at stations.

Real-time Component Tracking:

- Continuously monitor component quantities in a secure cloud database.
- Instant updates and access from anywhere.

Tailored Component Data:

- Customize platform to meet specific assembly data requirements.
- Adapt data fields for each assembly's unique needs.

Authorized Timestamped Records:

- Control data entry based on user permissions.
- Entries timestamped for accountability and tracking.

Low Stock Alerts:

- Receive notifications for components running low in stock.
- Ensure uninterrupted production with timely restocking.


Seamless integration with your current system.

Customized Component Data

Tailor the platform to cater to the unique data needs of each assembly, with data fields customized according to specific requirements.

Cloud-Based Tracking

Effortlessly collaborate with team members for tracking assembly related data and monitoring results.

Streamlined Data Entry

Transition from manual data entry to tablet-based input, eliminating the need for large sheet books at assembly stations.


After appropriate configuration, you do not need to install anything. The dashboard can be accessed from any browser on any mobile or PC.

We do not store any data related to harness, so there is no harness related critical data which is saved

If the deployment is done on cloud, then internet is required
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