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Futura Connect : Production Monitoring and Analysis System (PMAS)

Networking Software Solution compatible with our equipment for Smart and Efficient Manufacturing in order to boost production.

View multiple logs from the testers in different locations directly on the dashboard on any web browser (PC/mobile/tab).

    Centralized Log Viewing:

    - Dashboard displays logs from testers across various locations.
    - Accessible through any web browser on PC, mobile, or tablet.

    Compatibility with Testing Systems:

    - Compatible with HTPC and FACT systems.
    - Integrates seamlessly with existing testing infrastructure.

    Daily Production Email:

    - Automated daily email provides production updates.
    - Keeps stakeholders informed about daily manufacturing output.

    Manufacturing Targets Setting:

    - Platform allows setting and tracking manufacturing targets.
    - Enables goal-oriented production management.

    Staff Performance Metrics:

    - Identifies staff performance based on predefined parameters.
    - Enables evaluation and optimization of workforce efficiency.

    Error Related Insights:

    - Detects repetitive manufacturing errors.
    - Facilitates root cause analysis and process improvement.

    Data Logging and Tester Control:

    - Provides data logging capabilities.
    - Offers remote control and monitoring of testers.

    INDUSTRY 4.0

    Take Quality Assurance to the next level with Machine Intelligence and Industry 4.0

    Production Monitoring

    Monitor Staff Performance and get manufacturing insights

    Daily / Program wise Targets

    Effortlessly collaborate with team members for test input and result monitoring.

    Daily Production Email

    Automatically generate email reports for daily production statistics.


    After appropriate configuration, you do not need to install anything. The dashboard can be accessed from any browser on any mobile or PC.

    We do not store any data related to harness, so there is no harness related critical data which is saved

    If the deployment is done on cloud, then internet is required
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