We provide Web and Mobile Solutions using the following technologies for our development and deployment.


Veterinary Hospital Management System

We have developed and deployed a veterinary hospital management system for our client in Pune. The application is used to keep track records of all the clients and their respective information. Also used to send automated emails and text messages according to some specific set alerts.

Link: https://ahapte-vet.web.app/

Complaint Tracking Solutions

We have developed and deployed a complaint tracking system for our client in Pune. The system consists of an Android application and a web application. The android application is used to submit and manage complaints while the web app is used for analyzing the submitted complaints for further scrutiny.

Store Resource Planning (SRP)

We have developed a simple SRP (Store Resource Management) system. The web application is used to keep data of all input and output of stock and show alerts when the stock level of a respective item falls below the alert level.

EBU (Electronic Scarecrow) Android Application


Electronic Scarecrow Application based in Android. The android application is useful for farmers to repel nuisance causing animals by playing repelling sounds on certain time intervals which can be set within the application.