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OK stamping unit is an Accessory to our other products. It marks an OK stamp on a component or a label to further confirm that the component / harness is tested

    • It is an Electro Mechanical Stamping Unit.
    • Its works on 230V AC.
    • It is a Solenoid based application and it contains .
    • It only needs a ON/OFF inputs to operate.
    • It can be connected any Futura Tester.
    • It prints OK mark on the coupler
    product image
    OK Marking Unit





    OK marking Unit
    Test CurrentTest current: In mill Amperes.
    Test Speed1 seconds
    O/P for interfacing2 Open wires to connect with any relay O/P
    Input PowerSupply Voltage: 230 V AC, 50 Hz. +-10%. Power consumption: Maximum 5 Watts. Fuse: 750 mA, normal
    Size (W x D x H) 
    WeightApproximately 1 Kg.
    WarrantySince this is an accessories no warrenty on this
    Marking byStamp using Black permanent ink
    O/P after markingOk or any two letters
    Stroke specificationHorizontal Stroke is @20mm, with medium force
    Operating directionHorizontal
    Where to connectBetween P & NO points of relay output of any futura tester
    ApplicationMarking on coupler after receiving trigger
    Any other detailsuse ink & cleaner ony supplied by Futura

    While contacting our team for placing an order or for enquiry, let us know about:

    • 1. Tester Model
    • 2. Number of points.
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