Futura PHTML 64 Front

Cable Wire Wiring Harness Continuity Tester PHTM Low Cost for 320 cables PHTME64 PHTME128



Futura's cable harness tester (PHTM L) tests Cable Harnesses, Cable Looms, Cable Forms upto 64,128 points. Every individual model has fixed capacity. Functionally it is same as PHTM320. PHTM locates interchange, short, and open connections, and extra points. Net-list is stored by learning a good harness or from PC through serial. It also analyses continuity checking, board checking, displays pass count, changing cable number and displaying the learnt data. PHTM L64/L128 stores data for 99 cable harnesses.



  • PC Based Software for PHTM / PHTML, FTE Editor version 5.0 : Download

Video Manual: Watch

  • Futura PHTME64 Profile
Futura PHTML 64 Front
Futura PHTML64 Profile
Futura PHTL64 Back
PHTM E64/E128 – Harness Tester

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