Cable Harness Wire Harness Wiring Harness Continuity Tester PHTM for 320 points.


Futura’s cable harness tester (PHTM L) tests Cable Harnesses, Cable Looms, Cable Forms upto 64,128 points. Every individual model has fixed capacity. Functionally it is same as PHTM320. PHTM locates interchange, short, and open connections, and extra points. Net-list is stored by learning a good harness or from PC through serial. It also analyses continuity checking, board checking, displays pass count, changing cable number and displaying the learnt data. PHTM L64/L128 stores data for 99 cable harnesses.



  • Futura PHTME64 Profile

What is different from PHTM 320?:

• Compact in size and light in weight.
• Low price with same features.
• Fixed number of points and can’t be expandable.
• Enclosure in MS not in Aluminium.
• Smaller Display and Keyboard.
• Buzzer without Tone and Volume.
• Number of harness data storage 99.
• Harness data and Label data files are little bit different.
• .HRN and .LBL files are not same. Additional program number and
barcode in ~ to ~.


• Prints online labels on any parallel port label printer.
• Learn Lock Key, ensures access to tester’s functions.
• Harness Data and label data transfer from PC to tester.
• LCD alphanumeric display helps easy user interface.
• Keys with tactile feedback.
• Pass counters for each program.
• Board check probe to test fixture points for troubleshooting.
• Easy diagnosis using self tests.
• Auto / Manual mode of testing along with.
• Relay on fail in auto mode of testing.
• Extra feature of cutter module output for critical harnesses.


• State of the art, reliable technology.
• Easy and quick installation.
• Relay output on passing a harness to drive marker or pneumatics.
• Printed and video manual helps easy installation.
• High speed operation, fast and reliable testing.
• Durable and reliable tester.
• Adaptable to any board for Futura testers.
• Functionally same as PHTM320 with more storage.

PHTM E64/E128 – Harness Tester

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