pen marking unit top

Pen marking Unit

Accessory to Futura Testers. It marks a dot on component or harness under test. Standard pen is used which is easily available. A mechanical unit is used with appropriate force.

It is to be mounted correctly to get desired mark on component or harness.


  • Horizontal, works on 230V AC.
  • Horizontal stroke is @20mm, with medium force.
  • Application: Marking on coupler.
  • Connected to any relay output of tester.
  • It marks dot on the coupler Operation.



  • pen marking unit top

Features of Pen Marking Unit

• It is an Electro Mechanical Stamping Unit.
• Its works on 230V AC.
• It is a Solenoid based application and it contains.
• It only needs a ON/OFF inputs to operate.
• It can be connected any Futura Tester.
• It marks dot on the coupler.


Position to be precise to prevent damaging the pen.
230V AC appear on contact wires. To take care from shock.

Pen Marking Unit

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