Multiple Stages Continuity checking PHTM

Application is to check assembled switch, combi switch assembly, back-plane tester of a panel and many more.


To check correct continuity between pre-programmed points, at different switch positions. Each switch position can be called as a stage. Each stage has a unique continuity ‘pattern’ between points.


  • Futura MSPHTM

Function :

  • Tester will check continuity by passing a low current in a few milliamperes and at low voltage i.e. 5V DC. Maximum number of stages i.e switch positions can be 32 nos. Maximum number of points i.e. terminals of switch connections can be 64.
  • It is an extension of ‘Cable Harness Tester’ in terms of number of stages.
  • Program for each stage is written in any text editor like notepad.
  • It will mention a netlist meaning list of points connected in this stage and for maximum 32 such stages.
  • User interface is through 16*1 alphanumeric LCD and 6 keys keyboard.
  • Apart from standard harness tester facilities, following will be additional.
    • Number of stages increased to 32 nos.
    • Display of multiple faults. Stage-n has passed.
    • And display shows an error because operator has not switched to the next position.
    • In OK condition, whenever operator switches to the next position, stage-n+1 will be passed and result displayed.
    • When Not OK, fault are displayed even if switch is at correct position.
    • After confirmation of fault or error by operator, to save this fault, ‘down’ key is pressed.
    • Tester proceeds to next test. Maximum 10 such faults will be saved i.e. recorded in the memory.
    • At the end of the test, fail will be indicated. These recorded faults can be uploaded to PC through RS232.
    • Faults are then erased from memory. If a PC is connected to RS232 port and appropriate software is running, PC receives the fault.
    • Faults can be printed by connecting any parallel port printer.

Auto manual mode.

  • In auto and manual mode, recording of fault is available as above.
  • In auto mode tester will automatically test each stage and then each unit.
  • In manual mode, after each stage test, operator will have to press ‘up’ key to start testing of next stage.


Regular Testing.

• Switch on tester.
• Select appropriate program using keyboard.
• Cross check setings such as auto/manual, connection of PC, printer etc., number of stages and number of points.
• Start testing.
• For correct continuity of a stage, small buzzer will sound.
For a correct complete unit under test, long buzzer will sound.
• For incorrect or faulty unit, press a key to save fault and to move on to next stage, until 10 faults are displayed or testing of unit is complete.

Programming a new unit:

• Select appropriate program using keyboard.
• Select data transfer mode using keyboard.
• Prepare a text file of program.
• Use software provided to download program to tester.
• Cross check number of stages and number of points received in each stage.
• Set up tester to test unit.
• Start testing.

Multistage PHTM

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