Futura LDSP


Print on-line labels without a PC on shop-floor. Online label indicates that printing a label on some event or trigger. This is becoming mandatory as it adds to traceability of a manufactured component especially in automotive industry. LDSP can print variable data such as serial number date and time of receiving a trigger. A trigger can be a physical trigger in form of a contact or  text received on serial port or even both.

Many facilities are available for various processes. Different models are available to suit different processes and customers.

Function of the Product:

LDSP prints ‘labels’ on a parallel port label printer without a PC. It stores data for label to be printed. A trigger, of potential free contact changeover, prints label. Label data is as per user’s label design. Label can be with variable data like date and time and serial number. Application is to print a label on occurrence of an event, like ‘passing’ a component. A potential free contact can be a relay.



  • Futura LDSP


1) Stores upto 99 different labels which are easily selectable.
2) Data loaded by PC through serial port.
3) Portable, Light weight.
4) Reliable.
5) 2 line LCD Display.
6) It has a built-in RTC.
7) Label Data is directly selected on scanning Barcode.


1) Can be attached to any End Of Line equipment to print label.
2) Easy installation and operation.
3) Flexibility to the user in designing label.
4) Intelligent to print variable data like date, time, serial number.
5) Upgrade process to print online labels.
6) Two Serial Ports


1) No need of computer on line to print Label.
2) Any label printer with standard parallel port can be connected.
3) Add pokayoke to existing tester.


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