HTPC is a harness tester with computing and networking power of ‘PC with widows’. A Continuity and diode Tester, it utilizes computing power of a PC. HTPC comprises of Futura’s intelligent testing module, robust computational hardware and software.




  • Display of stored images for easy and precise error display
  • Multistage testing
  • Test Log of each test including fault type
  • High Density Monitor as display, convenient to use
  • Easy import and export of programs from tester to tester
  • Sample mode for day to day calibration
  • Easy migration of boards used with FACT
  • User authentication ensures access to tester’s functions
  • Stores unlimited different types of harnesses.
  • Easy diagnosis using self-test.
  • For critical harnesses, like ‘airbag’, relay output for operating cutter module.


  • Precise error reporting
  • State of the art, reliable technology.

HTPC – Harness Tester PC Based

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