Futura CT121 Front


Cable Wire Wiring Harness Continuity Tester for small harnesses. It is a basic tester with learn and test facility. Cost effective, reliable and long lasting solution for small harnesses. Fit and forget type. A useful product for testing 25 types of harnesses with 32 (64) points each.



  • Futura HTMT32

Salient features:

1) Compact size, light weight, convenient to handle
2) Great price performance ratio
3) HTM T32 is attractively priced.
4) Easy to install
5) Simple to operate
6) Suitable for testing harnesses without a click
7) In built facility to check the tester itself and the mounting board
8) Stores the test data
9) Facility to view the test data at any stage
10) Maintenance free
11) Learn setup on key ‘lock’

The Harness tester HTM_T32 (T64) is supplied with:

1) Mains cable
2) Cable from tester (37 pin D M) to board (36 pin centronics M).
3) Board testing probes and
4) Operation and maintenance manual

HTMT-32/64 Harness Tester Tiny

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