Gauge-link / gaugelink

Gaugelink saves efforts and time wasted in writing down readings and then entering for Statistical Process Control SPC and other data analysis. Instant data entry facilitates instant analysis. Any third party software can acquire data at cursor position. In other words data can be collected in any software at the position of cursor.


Futura’s Gauge link is for reading data from ‘Mitutoyo’ gauges (verniers, dial gauges, micrometers) with SPC port and cable directly to to PC through RS232. Data is captured in any windows based software.


  • Gauge link


  • Power Supply: Works without external power.
  • Communication Protocol: Standard RS232.
  • Keys: Footswitch to transmit data from gauge to PC.
  • Cable used: Standard Serial Cable.
  • Kit includes, gaugelink, serial cable, footswitch and CD with installable ‘gagewedge’ software.


  • Connect gaugelink’s end marked RS232 to PC using supplied serial cable.
  • Connect Mitutoyo gauge to gaugelink at marked connector gauge using Mitutoyo cable.
  • Connect supplied footswitch to gaugelink at marked connector.
  • Install Gagewedge on PC.


  • Run ‘gagewedge’.
  • Select communication port, data entry settings and time stamp settings.
  • “Activate” gagewedge and minimize.
  • Open any application in windows.
  • Switch on gauge, set it and press footswitch.
Gauge Link

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