FACT top view

Futura Cable Wiring Harness Advanced Tester Upto 1024 points.


FACT-1024 tests continuity from 128 points to 1024 points. Basic Unit is of 128 points, up to 512 points i.e. with 4 cards. Number of points can be increased using additional extension unit. Attached label printer, prints labels only on passing a harness. Online labels are a part of pokayoke and improve traceability. Barcode scanner attachment confirms correct harness is selected and tested. A window based software, FACT editor helps in easy loading of harness programs and label data.



  • FACT 1024 Front view


• USB port reads and writes USB pen drive.
• User authentication ensures access to tester’s functions.
• Harness Data and label data transfer to and from tester.
• Test log for each test stored in a text file.
• Four line LCD alphanumeric display helps easy user interface.
• Keys with tactile feedback and long lasting.
• Pass counters for each program.
• Compact in size and light in weight.
• Easy diagnosis using self tests.
• Diode testing, any combination.
• POKAYOKE mode facilitates ‘locking’ and ‘fail bin’ sensing.
• Test settings such as fail bin sensing, buzzer on all faults, buzzer on short and interchange, first fail.
• For critical harnesses, like ‘airbag’, relay output for operating cutter module.
• Factory settings.


• State of the art, reliable technology.
• All Data i.e Harness points, Label, Diode, barcode, Cable number in one file.
• Easy and quick installation.
• Relay output on passing a harness to drive marker or pneumatics.
• Comes with Futura’s Support.


• High speed operation, fast and reliable testing.
• Durable and reliable tester.
• Adaptable to any board for Futura testers.

FACT 1024

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