FACT top view

Futura Advanced Continuity Tester upto 1024 points - FACT1024.


It is a Cable Wiring Harness Test Equipment. FACT-1024 tests continuity from 128 points to 1024 points. Basic Unit is of 128 points, up to 512 points i.e. with 4 cards. Number of points can be increased using additional extension unit. Attached label printer, prints labels only on passing a harness. Online labels are a part of pokayoke and improve traceability. Barcode scanner attachment confirms correct harness is selected and tested. A window based software, FACT editor helps in easy loading of harness programs and label data. Complete Harness Test System with test fixtures and Harness Test Boards can also be supplied by Futura.


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  • FACT 1024 Front view


• USB port reads and writes USB pen drive.
• User authentication ensures access to tester’s functions.
• Harness Data and label data transfer to and from tester.
• Test log for each test stored in a text file.
• Four line LCD alphanumeric display helps easy user interface.
• Keys with tactile feedback and long lasting.
• Pass counters for each program.
• Compact in size and light in weight.
• Easy diagnosis using self tests.
• Diode testing, any combination.
• POKAYOKE mode facilitates ‘locking’ and ‘fail bin’ sensing.
• Test settings such as fail bin sensing, buzzer on all faults, buzzer on short and interchange, first fail.
• For critical harnesses, like ‘airbag’, relay output for operating cutter module.
• Factory settings.


• State of the art, reliable technology.
• All Data i.e Harness points, Label, Diode, barcode, Cable number in one file.
• Easy and quick installation.
• Relay output on passing a harness to drive marker or pneumatics.
• Comes with Futura’s Support.


• High speed operation, fast and reliable testing.
• Durable and reliable tester.
• Adaptable to any board for Futura testers.


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