EBU Android Application


As a responsibility to social contribution, Futura developed a gadget to repel and to scare away animals / birds which are a nuisance to crops / fruits. It was introduced in 2004. Since then many farmers have used the equipment and saved on wastage.

EBU is battery operated with built in battery charger. It is easy to maintain as battery used is locally available.

It makes audio sounds which scare away particular animals and birds. Sounds are selected after consulting experts and a lot of experimentation.

EBU does not use any ultrasonic signals, which, according to radiologists, are harmful to human beings.

Audio range sounds are not harmful.

It is perfectly in line with green technology, which does not disturb mother earth and nature, yet controls loss of crop. It is not harmful for animals either as there is no shock or any other method.

Animals or birds controlled or repelled or scared away are wild boar, deer, elephant, neelgay, fox, bats, crows, small birds, gaur etc.

Futura continuously develops new gadgets and sounds to suit and scare away animals and birds.  

Function of the Product: : 

In EBU, existing methods of scaring animals are made electronic. EBU can be used to replicate noises of firecrackers, people shouting, beating drums, gunshots, etc in order to scare away animals and birds.


  • EBU Front view


  • Protects the crops
  • Portable and easy to use
  • Works on mains as well as Battery supply.
  • Option of one or more sounds – as per the requirement – to scare of birds and animals.
  • Different models at variant affordable prices.
  • Safe and harmless
  • Environment friendly.
EBU – Electronic Scarecrow Animal Bird Repeller

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