Dashboard / Instrument Cluster simulator helps dashboard manufacturers to check any dashboard on vehicle assembly line. It simulates all the signals necessary to operate and indicate a dashboard / instrument cluster. This facilitates immediate complaint solving from vehicle manufacturers. It can also be a useful tool for garages. To check functionality of any dashboard by connecting input signals.


DIS has Variable supply from 9V to 16V DC, two PWM outputs, two Resistance outputs and Thirty digital outputs for indicators i.e. tell tales. The unit is compact and portable, weighing about 4 Kgs. It is useful to test a dasboard at any location. A cable as per dashboard is connected from DIS to dashboard. A multimeter with facility to measure frequency and duty cycle, along with DC voltage and resistance is provided with the unit. It facilitates precise adjustment and thus input signals to dashboard. To calibrate DIS, only multimeter is to be be calibrated.



  • Dashboard input simulator


• All necessary signals reuired to check dashboard functionality.
• Portable, light weight, handy equipment.
• Works on 230V AC.
• Variable DC supply input to dashboard 9V to 16 V, 500mA.
• Two PWM outputs 5Hz to 2KHz, duty cycle 1% to 99%.
• Fifty percent duty cycle can be selected.
• Two Resistance outputs 1ohm to 9999ohms in step of 1 ohm.
• Thirty digital outputs for telltale.
• Digital outputs can be supply or ground.


• Checks any dashboard.
• Can be carried to vehicle assembly line.
• Generic equipment


• Instant onfirmation of dashboard functionality
• Increases customer confidence, if used at vehicle assembly ine
• Can be used to resolve warrenty issues
• One equipment for any dashboard

For : Dashboard Manufacturers, Vehicle manufacturers, R&D, warrenty claim departments, service stations.

Dashboard / Instrument cluster Input Simulator

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