INT_CT121 (Intermittent Tester)

Intermittent Tester (INT_CT121)

Intermittent faults are difficult to locate in any cable. These are found mostly in crimped flat cables and can be located only after failure in the field. INT_CT121_32 tester tests a cable for correct continuity and then for intermittent faults. Any asynchronous occurrence of intermittent fault is captured and indicated. Testing can be continued or can be aborted.

Futura has launched a One-to-one tester with intermittent checking.
•It is an enhanced version of CT121.
•Models are INT_CT_121_32 and INT_CT_121_64 for upto 32 circuits and upto 64 circuits.(32 way cable and 64 way cable).
•This tester will not check cables with mid-joints.
•Relay output on Passing a cable
•Futura can provide test boards for FRC cables.

What is intermittent fault?

• ‘Intermittent’ is occurrence of momentary disconnection in a cable.
• Generally it is observed in IDC cables like FRC.
• For example, FRC cable; normally shows continuity. But, because of movement, disconnection occurs for a very short period of time (microseconds or milliseconds)
• In other words, cable is generally ‘short’ , but ‘opens’ sometimes for a short time.
• It is a pain area, as it is most likely that the product works OK before dispatch and develops fault after installation because of ‘intermittent’

Why regular testers cannot locate intermittent faults?

Regular continuity testers, scan inputs i.e. points or circuits, at a regular time interval.
• For example a 64 points tester will check points 1 to 64, after every 1 millisecond.
• Hence each ‘point’ will be scanned after 64 milliseconds.
• Tester will find open only if ‘disconnection’ is at the moment of scanning.
• ‘Intermittent’ is an asynchronous event. Meaning it can occur anytime.
• Hence, if disconnection in a cable, occurs, when tester is checking other points, tester cannot locate disconnection.



Video Manual: Watch


Technique used by Futura:

Futura has developed an intermittent finding technic for the first time in India.
• An additional ‘hardware circuit’ in each point or circuit, ‘memorises’ the asynchronous occurrence of disconnection.
• Hence when tester scans a point, it is checking if disconnection occurred earlier.
• Intermittent to occur; cable has to be ‘moved’ or ‘pulled’ or ‘rotated’.

Our test process:

• Test system consists of a tester and a test board or rig to mount the Cable / Harness Under Test.
• Testing is done in two steps. First is to check correct ‘continuity’. If OK then to check ‘intermittent’.
• Tester keeps checking for intermittent continuously and displays result as Pass.
• Cable under test is moved to generate intermittent fault.
• If a momentary disconnection occurs, tester displays intermittent fault with the circuit number.
• Intermittent test can be started again by pressing a key and test process repeated.
• Testing can be stopped by pressing a key.
• Even after moving Cable under test, intermittent does not occur, test can be stopped by pressing a key.

  • Intermittent checking option along with continuity
  • Fast testing.
  • Locating precise intermittent faults.
  • Compact.
  • Available in two models for 32 way and 64 way cables.
  • State of the art, reliable technology.
  • Easy and quick installation.
  • Relay output on passing a harness to drive marker or pneumatics.
  • Printed and video manual helps easy installation.
  • High speed operation, fast and reliable testing.
  • Durable and reliable tester.
  • Adaptable to any board for Futura testers.
Futura HTMT32 Front

HTMT-32/64 Harness Tester Tiny

Cable Wire Wiring Harness Continuity Tester for small Harnesses. Tiny Tester HTMT32 HTMT64.

Basic Tester with learn and test facility. Cost effective, reliable and long lasting solution for small harnesses. Fit and forget type. Complete Harness Test System with test fixtures and Harness Test Boards can also be supplied by Futura.


A useful product for testing 25 types of harnesses with 32 (64) points each.


Video Manual: Watch

  • Futura HTMT32

Salient features:

1) Compact size, light weight, convenient to handle
2) Great price performance ratio
3) HTM T32 is attractively priced.
4) Easy to install
5) Simple to operate
6) Suitable for testing harnesses without a click
7) In built facility to check the tester itself and the mounting board
8) Stores the test data
9) Facility to view the test data at any stage
10) Maintenance free
11) Learn setup on key ‘lock’

The Harness tester HTM_T32 (T64) is supplied with:

1) Mains cable
2) Cable from tester (37 pin D M) to board (36 pin centronics M).
3) Board testing probes and
4) Operation and maintenance manual