HA CT 121

HACT121-Harness Assembly Continuity Tester

Harness Assembly and Continuity Tester for one to one cables HACT 121


HA_CT_121 tester is basically used for harness sub assembly guiding, followed by testing, for one to one circuits during harness manufacturing. This model supports harness up to 8 circuits. The number of circuits can be increased using extension unit. Complete Harness Test System with test fixtures and Harness Test Boards can also be supplied by Futura.


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  • HA CT 121

Electrical Specification:

• Input voltage 230 V AC, 50 Hz. ?10%.
• 16x1 LCD display.
• Keypad consist of enter key, up key, down key, escape key.
• Boards check Provision for I/O diagnostic.
• Supervisor Key Lock.
• Pass LED.
• Piezo-Buzzer for sound output.
• Relay output.

Mechanical Specification:

• Tester box (size of the box 220mm*180mm*100mm).
• Automatic Locking and unlocking of Fixture.
• Fixture with 8 Led’s Indication.
• Fixture with from points and to points for continuity.


• Finds Short Harness.
• Finds Open terminal of Harness.
• Finds okay Harness with LED status.
• Help to insert wires in to empty coupler by guiding LED’s
• High speed operation, fast and reliable testing.
• Durable and reliable tester.

Futura HAAP Top view

HAAP1208 Harness Assembly Aid with Pull

Harness Assembly Aid HAAP 1208

Cable Wiring Harness Assembly Process Guide. Harness Navigation System, CPG. Harness Assembly Aid with Pull HAAP1208.

It is a "process improvement tool" for making a cable wiring harness sub assembly. It checks for correct continuity, insertion location, and terminal back-out TBO. It guides the operator from where to pick up a crimped cable and where to insert a crimped cable. Complete Harness Assembly System with Assembly fixtures and Harness Assembly Boards can also be supplied by Futura.

Other names are Cable Wire Harness Navigation System, CPG, Point guide and Harness Assembly Aid. Harness Navigation is more popular with most of the manufacturers.  

Deskill Harness Assembly Process
Main advantage of the system is de-skilling the Cable Wiring Harness assembly process. A new person learning time is very short and assembly done is without any errors. It saves time and efforts of reworking after end of line testing.


Video Manual: 

  • Futura HAAP Top view

The complete system is :
1) Test blocks / fixtures with LED indication (I/O LEDs) under each cavity to indicate where to insert. Test block also has a switch which operates on pulling a locked cable.
2) Treys with LEDs on each trey to indicate from where to pick up a cable.
3) HAAP1208 slave unit connected to trey LEDs, I/O LEDs and switch indicating pull.


1) HAAP1208 is a compact unit working on 12VDC, with appropriate connectors.
2) It is programmable using a keyboard or using soft program and USB pendrive.
3) USB port reads and writes USB pen drive.- a) User authentication ensures access to tester functions. b) HAAP Data and label data transfer to tester.
4) One slave has 128 configurable IO points.
5) HAAP1208 stores 128 programs at a time.
6) It has a 4 line LCD display of 20 digits.
7) Keys with tactile feedback and long lasting.
8) Pass counters for each program.
9) Compact in size and light in weight.
10) Self-diagnosis feature.