Futura’s air leakage tester vacuum based is designed to test air leakage of connectors.

Function of the Product:

Tester will decide the connector is Leaky or NOT as per User requirement. Unit can test maximum 18 connectors (with the help of proper fixtures) at a time. Air leakage tester vacuum base has Toggle Switch for manual. For auto mode connect trigger cable to 9 pin D type connector and second end of cable to the switch, mounted on fixture (fixture is as require by the user). Tester also has POWER ON LED (YELLOW), AIR IN LED (YELLOW), Pass LED (GREEN) and Fail LED (RED). Also Pizeo buzzer & Potential free Relay output for PASS.



Demo: Pass Detection
Demo: Fail Detection
  • Air leakage tester vacuum


• Adjustable Threshold air pressure limit for input.
• Pass, Fail and Air In indication.
• Facility to start air flow, on mounting component on test rig.
• Operates on 230V AC.
• Inbuilt FRL unit and vacuum generator.
• Potential free Relay O/P on pass, can be used for making or can be connected to our harness tester.
• 2 timers are available. One for to set cycle time (Air In Time) and other for Pass buzzer rings time.


• Easy to connect.
• Easy to operate.
• Standard components are used hence easy to maintain.


• Adaptable to any test fixtures.
• Useful for many different applications.
• Fast and reliable operations.

Air Leakage Tester Vacuum

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