Air leakage tester positive pressure, ALTE-15, is used to check if a connector or a component is ‘Leaky’ (water proof) using an appropriate test fixture / Test board / Test rig. Leakage tester with positive pressure.  

Function of the Product: : 

ALTE-15 can test if the component is correct. Leakage is tested using air pressure. Air is applied at a certain pressure to the component under test for a certain time using timer. If component is Leaky, air pressure drops and is detected by a pressure gauge.


  • Air leakage tester


• Adjustable Threshold air pressure limit.
• Adjustable time to apply pressure.
• Adjustable Input pressure.
• Pass and Fail indication.
• Pass and Fail and process under test indication.
• Facility to start air flow, on mounting component on test rig.
• Operates on 230V AC.
• Inbuilt FRL unit.


• Easy to connect.
• Easy to operate.
• Relay O/P (230VAC, 5A) on pass, can be used for marking etc.
• Standard components are used hence easy to maintain.


• Adaptable to any test fixtures.
• Useful for many different applications.
• Fast and reliable operations.

Air Leakage Tester

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